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Construction Clean Up

Are you tackling a small D.I.Y. project, renovating that old bathroom, or a professional contractor looking for a reliable construction clean up service? Express Junk Removal Services is in your neighborhood and happy to help. There's no prep required on your part, just show us what we're up against!

Our friendly, uniformed teams have the skills and experience needed to get those building materials and off cuts out of your way in no time. We can take all types of hazardous and non-hazardous construction waste including wood, scrap metal, roofing, tiles, drywall, sidings, bricks, concrete, cardboard, carpet, glass, desks, chairs, and office cubicles. We'll even take the kitchen sink and your unwanted tools.

How Our Construction Debris Removal Works

No matter what size project you are working on,
Express Junk Removal Services construction debris removal service is convenient, fast, and easy on the environment. Here's how it works: 

schedule your construction cleanout appointment online or by calling 757-69-2951.
Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour arrival window.
When we arrive, just point to the items you want removed and we’ll provide you with an up-front, all-inclusive price.
Once you say the word, we’ll haul away your construction waste from wherever it’s located and finish by cleaning up the area. Plus, we recycle as much of it as possible. 

Looking for special pricing on your project? Ask us about our construction cleanout contracts available. We can even be there today - just call us before noon for same-day service. 


Express Junk Removal Services, we're dedicated to providing safe, environmentally-responsible construction clean up services. That's why we're the experts when it comes to recycling concrete, scrap metal, drywall, and wood. After all, we recycled before it was cool.


If you're dealing with a remodeling project that involves foundation work, chances are you'll have to dispose of unwanted concrete. There is a slight difference in price for concrete removal as it's not charged by volume due to weight restrictions on our truck's bed load. We'll be sure to discuss this with you when we come out for your scheduled appointment. 

Concrete recycling helps to reduce the environmental cost of extracting virgin aggregates such as rock and gravel. The unwanted concrete from construction sites can be re-processed into crushed stone, helping to both preserve our natural resources and reduce unnecessary waste in our landfills. 


Did you know that asphalt is 100% recyclable? Unwanted asphalt pavement and shingles can be recycled using a specialized machine known as an asphalt recycler. This equipment crushes, tumbles and heats pieces of asphalt for about 20 minutes, converting the waste asphalt into a product that is ready to be re-used for paving projects such as roads, driveways and walkways. 


Wood is one of the most common waste items produced on any remodeling project - that's why
Express Junk Removal Services salvages as much as possible. In many cases, waste wood such as lumber off-cuts and demolition waste can be either re-milled into useful pieces of new lumber, or it can be ground down into wood chips. These wood chips are then used to construct engineered board, eco-friendly logs for wood-burning stoves, and mulch for landscaping projects.


Express Junk Removal Services provides homeowners and contractors with an easy way to recycle scrap metal from construction sites. Click here for more details about our scrap metal removal service. 


We recycle drywall debris whenever possible, helping to divert countless loads of construction clean up materials from our landfills. The gypsum in waste drywall can be re-used to make new sheets of drywall, or it can also be used to manufacture cement.